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The determined will, and especially the perseverance on this rarest virtue, makes everything possible, achieve all goals, triumphs over all obstacles

István Szévhenyi

About the Széchenyi Cup:

We would like to implement a sporting event and competition series spanning through 12 cities which will be worthy of the size of our namesake. Talking about any kind of sport, if you want to win, you have to want it! During the Covid situation, the nation was forced to stay at home and this period worn out the body and soul of ours. The will was not needed only in the field, during the organisation of the series of events, but required a great deal of determination! We believe, after the opening, out the audience of sport and health lover can return its old well-used life, which takes place in strong bold of our series of competitions.

The Széchenyi Cup football competition series will start after Pentecost, also it’s a worthy introduction to this years’ UEFA European Championship event. During the competition, high-value prizes, trips and draws will be handed over at the end, also the grand final will be held in the Capital City in the completely renewed City Park Mini-Arena.
We are warmly welcoming and invite everyone to our matches, to celebrate our Largest Hungarian’s -

István Széchenyi - 230th anniversary of birth, who did a lot for the sport and public life.
Huge thanks to the Szécenyi family and the support of the Foundation for their powerful help in creating the cup!

Gróf Széchenyi Család Alapítvány
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